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YOU. Organized By Barb is a professional home organizing service based out of Pinellas County in the Tampa Bay area. We are devoted to creating simple, organized, and functional solutions that match individual lifestyles. We help our clients find harmony between what’s practical and beautiful for more joy-filled living.

We will do more than make your home look nice. We will teach you along the way, so you have the confidence, tools, and new habits to maintain the organization systems we create together.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of everything being in order.

  • Does your home make you feel exhausted, unsettled, or even guilty?
  • Do you feel like you’re drowning in chaos?
  • Are you always looking for misplaced items (or even rebuying things only to find the original later?)
  • Have you tried every Pinterest or TikTok trick with no success?
  • Are you planning to sell your home and want to get top-dollar?
  • Do you want to ensure you don’t move clutter to your new home?
  • Are you downsizing and want to have less so you can  enjoy life more?
  • Are you buying a home and want to put organization in place from day one?

From organizing small spaces to your whole home or unpacking a new home, I’m here to help you enjoy the sanctuary that your home should be by replacing the clutter and chaos with easy to sustain solutions.

Are You Ready to Replace Clutter with Calm?


It’s time to            anxiety,                     , and exhale.


embrace order

We believe there’s a difference between daily mess (you live in your home, after all) and clutter. We want to make a home that works for you- if it’s practical, it’s perfect for you.

We serve with understanding and empathy to uplift your home and life. You’ll always be met with respectful and non-judgmental assistance.

We take the time to get to the “stuff” beneath the stuff. This is how we achieve lasting results for our clients.

We don’t use cookie-cutter systems for everyone: We create systems for YOU.

How We're Different


We're creating peace, 

not perfection.

One Home Space. One Goal. One Sustainable Solution At A Time.

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- Heather C.

I can’t say enough good things about Barb. She met with me in my home, took the time to speak with me, got to know me, and really listened when I was telling her what I needed her help with. She helped me come up with a plan to accomplish my goal without judgment. A task that I thought would take me multiple hours for multiple days took four hours in one day with the help and encouragement from Barb. I can’t tell you the relief that I feel meeting that goal.

- Tammy M.

Barb is a wonderful organizer and friend. Her skills helped me in many ways. Not only did she help me declutter and organize but she improved my day-to-day life. I am able to get my kids and I out the door faster in the mornings and my home is organized when I leave without the chaos. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with organization.

-Lori R.

I was so lucky to have Barb help me organize my brand-new kitchen after a major remodeling project. She was fabulous from start to finish! She communicated well with me throughout the project. Barb helped me think through the usage of my kitchen, looking at work stations and assisting me to maximize my available cabinet and drawer space. My kitchen has never been so organized!

-Sonja J.

I would like to thank and recommend this company. I appreciate the care and respect we were given in placing memorable items in their respective places. A project that has taken me a few years was accomplished in a matter of days. The team was absolutely outstanding!

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Meet Barb

Organization For Real Living

I am a professional organizer and founder of YOU. Organized By Barb. I started my company to help people discover that a lifestyle of organization can be accomplished with simple systems. It’s my goal to show others how they can functionally organize and utilize their spaces. I love problem-solving and creating custom solutions with my clients, as well as educating them. I am dedicated to helping them understand the simple principles of effortless organization, so their mindset and habits transform along with their spaces.

More space in your home means more space to live a life you love.

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