A Simplified Life is a Good Life.

Organization Solutions for How YOU Live



A Simplified Life is a Good Life.

Organization Solutions for How YOU Live

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You are a busy mom, working professional, or active community member. 
When you come home, you want to relax in an organized, stress-free environment that offers you peace of mind, helps you connect with who you love, and provides comfortable spaces for time with family and friends. 

Serving Tampa, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Trinity and Surrounding Areas

Make your home your sanctuary.

You. Organized. by Barb offers professional organization services to create inviting and functional living spaces. We will do more than make your home look nice. We will teach you along the way, so you have the confidence, tools, and new habits to maintain the organization systems we create together. 

Kitchen & Pantry | Bedrooms | Bathrooms | Closets | Living Rooms
Laundry Rooms | Activity Rooms | Kid’s Spaces | Offices | Vehicles | Garages


We’re creating peace, not perfection.

Do you walk into your home or office space and immediately feel overwhelmed?

Do you know you need to get organized but don’t know where to start?

Are you afraid that if you got organized, you wouldn’t be able to keep it up?

Would you love for everything in your home to have a place?

Do you find yourself wasting money buying things you know you have but can’t find?

From organizing small spaces to your whole home or unpacking a new home, I’m here to help you enjoy the sanctuary that your home should be by replacing the clutter and chaos with easy to sustain solutions.

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Meet Barb

Organization For Real Living

I am a professional organizer and founder of You. Organized. by Barb. I started my company to help people discover that a lifestyle of organization can be accomplished with simple systems. It’s my goal to show others how they can functionally organize and utilize their spaces. I love problem-solving and creating custom solutions with my clients, as well as educating them. I am dedicated to helping them understand the simple principles of effortless organization, so their mindset and habits transform along with their spaces.

More space in your home means more space to live a life you love.

More About Barb

My Services

Professional Organization

One-time In-Home Consultation for DIYers


for Groups

I offer packages to fit all small and large space organizing needs. These services include expert guidance, planning, implementation, and ongoing education to make your home dreams a reality.

If you want inspiration and easy-to-implement recommendations to jump-start your DIY
organization project, we will schedule a session to review your space, goals, and
lifestyle needs.

Do you want ideas, direction, and accountability? Do you live outside our service area?

Then, virtual coaching services can help you to achieve your home organization goals.

I love teaching others about sustainable organization and its positive impacts on people’s homes and lives. I provide inspiring education to women’s groups, retreats, and professional organizations.

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